The best sky diving is done in the most picturesque locations of the world.

About Us

My reputation in college:

In college, I was known as an adrenaline junkie. I mean there was nothing and I say that again nothing in this wide world that could stop me from trying some weird sport that someone fancifully came out with.
Thanks to crazy friends, I have dived into a 20 feet swimming pool from an adjacent two storey building and also share rode between two motorcycles standing on a half kilometer stretch from the entrance of the university to the classroom!

After college:

Things did change after college got over. I took up a job in an industry that required me to travel often but somehow the work and the pressure to perform at the corporate level started taking up a toll on me physically and soon I realized that there was no time even for minimal physical activity. There was a time when I was living from day to day and there was no excitement in my life. Those were the days that I believe my spirit was almost dead. Mechanically, almost robot-like! But there came a day when I decided to put my foot down and decided to re kindle my love for adventure sports.

I checked out the clubs in the locality:

The problem with the clubs I realized was that they only concentrated on one or a couple of sports. They were either too partial to a particular sport or they were too patronizing towards the people there and I also thought that there was no holistic approach to adventure sports per se. Internet searches did not prove too fertile and I was left with only one option and that was to collect information on my own from various sources. The sources included the internet of course and actually travelling to the haloed destinations of adventure sports and finding it out “first-hand”!

My own blog:

In a year’s time, I had collected a wealth of information and a lifetime of experience! I wanted to share my knowledge with people who were thirsty for adventure but had no idea where to find it. If you are one of them, check out my blog here now. There are also my videos of actually trying out the sports with detailed instructions on how to get to them quickly and most economically.


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